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Hi! Im looking for a triple monitor setup for my gtx 680 classified. I need the cost to be below $1000, but the monitors don't have to support 3D. I found this, but that's 3D and i need the cost down. That monitor is perfect except the 3D. I want it to have a high refresh rate be around 24" and no backlight, maybe its just what i have read, but black lights seem to make things look bad. Thanks everyone who helps me. :D
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  1. You want 3 monitors for $1000 or less?

    2ms or 5ms, which?
  2. On your budget, you could get this one:

    Although I think you already found the best one.
  3. What'd you pick?
  4. Hello. I am sooooo sorry i haven't posted anything i have been really busy and haven't had time to look here. Sorry. Uhhh maybe I'm just tired or something but i don't know what ms is i sorta recall something about it.....but yeah......sorry. But thanks for the help! Once i figure out what ms is i will tell you! :)
  5. I am really sorry. When i wrote this i apparently didn't know what. Wanted to wright, but now i do! Haha! Ok so i want as little a bezel as possible it needs to be able to tilt 90' for portrait mode and i would like it to be lower in cost.....but if i must i will choose this monitor, which don't get me wrong, looks awesome, its just i need it to be less. Make scene? Thanks! ^_^
  6. Lighting struck and now i know what ms means! HA ha! He. Anyway i don't really care, will you be able to tell a difference? If so then i would go with 2 but i don't know. Thanks!
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