bios setting not saved

i was unable to save my bios settings.when i start my pc it is showing like below pic1

when i press f1 then bios settings will be like below pic2

when i press f2 for starting the windows pic3

what should i do to save my bios settings?can anyone suggest me?
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  1. Why your settings are not saved even when you save them before exiting the bios.
    Your Cmos back up battery is flat, you need to buy what we call a coin cell battery that fits onto the motherboard
    To keep the correct time and date and to hold the current or new settings of the bios you saved.
    Here is a picture of the battery. Click on the link.
    Coin Cell Battery= CR 2032
  2. date is saving only bios settings are not saving
  3. initially when i bought this pc that pic1 doest appear pc automatically starts, but now its showing that american megatrends and saying floppy disk failure i dont want that american megatrends at starting what should i do?
  4. As i said the result of the changes are because the battery on the motherboard that keeps the time set right and the date is obviously flat, Looking at your first picture you posted.
    Is it 2006 ? or 2013 ? that is an indication that the bios is reverting back to its factory default settings.
    Look at the Time and Date in your own picture of the post screen of the computer.
    If it does that then none of the new settings will be saved or stored till you buy a new coin cell battery to keep the correct time, date and year settings and any new changes you have made in the bios when you save them before exit. it will just go back to factory default bios settings each and every time till you buy a new battery and replace it on the computers motherboard.
  5. sorry yar i just changed jumper pin so date changed,i will post new pic. what's my problem i dont want that american megatrends screen, in that place my pc should show compaq and it automatically starts without pressing f2, i want that compaq welcome screen back. did u see my 2nd pic that is place for changing bios it is not saving i want you to solve that problem. thanks in advance.
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