PSU for a GTX 660 GPU?

I am trying to find a PSU for my new GTX 660, I am reading that I need at least a 500watt (with 24a to 12v? dunno what that means) The one I am looking at has 24a under "12V2", I hope that does it..

I know its not a Corsair or OCZ, but its on sale and has more than enough Watts than I need, I guess thats good..

Will this PSU be ok to run with an GTX 660 GPU with a Intel Core i5-3350P CPU?
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    Go with this:

    or this

    A good 500W PSU is more than enough for your build as the full system load won't top 300W
    Beautiful, beautiful price, thank you thank you. Just hope it fits in my MicroATX case, ha
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