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I built my rig about a year ago. For the first week after I built my rig my monitor had problems detecting the signal from my GPU ( I'd have to leave my pc on for about a minute before doing a hard reset before my monitor detected my gpu). After the 1st week everything worked perfectly, until about a month ago when the same thing started happening again. Earlier today I decided to clean my pc. I took out gpu and used cotton buds to clean the fans and lightly dusted the back of my gpu with a feather duster ( I know,very stupid idea). After cleaning my pc I powered it on but my monitor just had the no signal message, even after waiting a while b4 doing a hard reset the monitor would not detect any signal from my gpu. It does however detect my onboard gpu. The fans of the gpu work fine so I knw it's getting power and I can hear the windows chime so I knw that windows 7 is booting up, It's just that my monitor won't detect my Radeon 7850. I'm using a 620w psu, 8gb vengeance ram, Intel core i5 3500k and Radeon 7850. btw I've tried resetting CMOS and that ddnt work. Please help, I have a horrible feeling that I may have damaged my gpu while cleaning it. What can I try to do before concluding that my gpu is toast. Tnx

I forgot to mention, I'm using a Hisense LED TV as a monitor not an actual computer monitor
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  1. Can you try your video card in another pcie slot?
  2. Lol I just went into my Bios and saw that the intial display option was set to PCI instead of PEG. Changed it and everything is working fine again. Guess I freaked out for nothing, But I really appreciate the very quick reply. Thanks a lot :)
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