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I have an old Compaq Thinkpad Z60 that I wanted to use as a server, it worked for some time but, after a long time without using it, suddenly appeared a Power On Password when I boot.
I tried all kind of passwords and other methods that I found over the internet, like removing the CMOS battery and special passwords.

Someone can help me to remove/reset this password?
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  1. Read this:

    Isn't a thinkpad an IBM (lenovo) product?
  2. Mine has an Compaq branding, anyway this notebook was bought in Egypt and I'm from Brazil. Also we don't have any HP support where I live and I can't proof that this notebook is mine, because it's very old.
  3. There is nothing you can do. The password is stored in Flash memory which does not need power to retain memory. It can be left unplugged for 20 years and when you try to boot it up you will get still be required to type in the password.

    Never buy a used laptop unless you can verify that there is no BIOS password.
  4. I didn't bough it that way, the POP randomly appeared, maybe the mobo as damaged or BIOS corrupted, dunno.
  5. I don't know then, it is weird for a laptop to password protect itself.
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