What is Bottleneck in PC?

hello, I read that sometimes PCs have bottlenecking, if I'm getting i5 3570 or 4th gen i5 + amd 7950, will i get bottleneck?
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  1. It shouldn't. A bottleneck is when you for example, have the fastest and newest GPU, but you have an old and slow CPU. The GPU will have to 'wait' for the CPU to catch up because it is so slow. This is bottlenecking, the same can be said for the opposite. Every system will have a bottleneck regardless of what you have, the goal is to minimize it. You shouldn't worry about bottlenecking with a build like that.

    If you aren't overclocking then get a 3350p and an ASrock H77M, if you are then get the 'k' version of that CPU and a Z77 motherboard.
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