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My box has three hard drives - Ubuntu 12.1, OSX ML & Win7 x64 Pro. Been trying out new Win firewall/AV and settled on Comodo. Did try MSE but not attracted.

Today I am unable to ping the LAN ( or anything external like Google ) or get access to NAS drive - get "general failure" error if I ping the machine name or IP address, or any other occupied address on the sub net.

Full internet is available. However, I can get to NAS control page and router using IP address in browser. Have done all the resets etc. IP config is correct. Definitely NOT firewall. Also NOT hardware as the 'nix systems work fine. A bit lost on this one. Any ideas?

I should add that I have done a full system virus/malware scan. The only things found were false positives i.e. genuine apps mis-reported.
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  1. Can you ping the same IPs using your Ubuntu or OS X? Just seeing if it's an OS-related issue or not.
  2. Yes all IP's can be pinged from Linux & OSX. It has to be something in Win itself. Two other progs - fping in cmd window and ezping gui bothe report replies from IP's

    I have reinstalled the network card driver and added an additional card but Windows ping simply gives the general failure error.
  3. Follow on - SOLVED. It was something buried deep in Comodo firewall blocking MAC addresses whereas web browsers were allowed
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    Good to know. Thanks for the follow up. :)
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