4 GB ddr3 vs. 1 GB ddr5

I am looking to buy a new graphics card for my computer for gaming on games like Bioshock and Crysis. I have 16 GB RAM and running on an intel i7 3770 processor, with a 23" 1080p display.
I only want to spend around 100 dollars if possible. I have been looking around and have found a GeForce GT 630 with 4 GB ddr3 memory. Also, for about the same price i found a Radeon HD 6670 with 1 GB GDDR5 memory. to get the best performance for gaming, should I buy the more memory of the slower ddr3 or the 1 GB of GDDR5?
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  1. gddr5 is way faster than ddr3.hd 6670 is 20-360%faster than gt 630
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    6670 with 1gb ddr5.

    DDR3 ram is slow and you wont need 4gb.

    I would invest more in the graphics card though. I dont think it can play bioshock or crysis on anything but low


    try a a radeon 7770 ghz
  3. Agree with Azn Cracker. Shoot for something like a 7770 GHz edition, which can be found near $100 in some regions.
  4. should have gotten a less expensive processor so you could buy a truly capable video card.
  5. for 1080p you need minimum hd 7850
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