Transferring Windows 7 to a new pc

If i have a legit copy of windows 7 proffesional can i transfer a copy of it to a new rig if i were to build a new one cuz i dnt wanna buy win 7 and i dont wna use a crack
i know this is noobish question but id appreciate a response if possible thank you
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  1. you're allowed a certain number of installs with win7 so yes... it shouldn't be a problem.
  2. As long as the copy has been removed from the other computer it's ok to use and activate.If it's an OEM version it can't be used again it's tied to the other motherboard.If it's a retail copy your also go to go ahead.
  3. so i cant keep it on 2 computers? theres no way to do that? if yes what would u recommend doing so that i dont end up buying numerous copies of windows
  4. You have to have a license for each computer that you have operating. If you get rid of a pc, you can transfer the license, but you can't transfer the license from a computer that is still in use.

    You will have to buy a license.
  5. do you know how much a license costs?
  6. So i cant keep it on 2 computers? theres no way to do that? < No it needs to be removed as the license is good for only 1 computer at a time.

    It's OEM and only good for 1 computer for the life of that computer only.
  8. Windows 8 OEM is different it can be transferred to a new computer , but only one computer at a time.

    Windows 7 OEM can't be transferred.
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