Battlefield 3,hardware problem.

My friend has a little problem with this game,and I'm not sure either if it's his computer or the game itself.He told me that he can see white spots and flashes ingame.

Before you ask,I tried BF3 Forums and they told him to take a look at Contrast/Brightness config.

His specs are:

16 gb vengeace ram
Nvidia geforce gtx 680 oc
4gb in card
1920 x 1080 120hz
samsung syncmaster Sa950 monitor.
Win7 64b

His facebook is Casper Iversen if you wish to contact him.

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  1. back off the OC on the GPU.
  2. 13thmonkey said:
    back off the OC on the GPU.

    ^+1 Especially the memory clock.
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