Refurbishing an old HP desktop

So my parents have been using a Hp Entertainment pc from 2005 since they bought its a 800 dollar desktop that has gone through a beating but still stands tall and i wanted to upgrade it for them so this dinosaur is using an old AMD cpu thats dual core at 2.0ghz and we've doubled the ram to 2gbs it has two different dvd drives one for cds and the other for dvds and it has a 250gb hd
this computer is only used for basic web browsing and word docs
if i wanted to upgrade this machine to some thing decent what would be my best course of action?
the power supply just got replaced back in august but idk what the wattage is on it
but this is not a gaming pc so thats not much of a problem
would sum new ram, a motherboard, and a new processor be enough?
i would amd parts to keep it affordable
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  1. is it running slow? may want to check on the power supply, also cant say enuff about maintenance, has it been maintained all this time or has that been skipped, as that can slow a pc down real good after time and what i mean by maintenance is software maintenance and i dont just mean running antivirus and antispyware, i mean running disk cleanup and disk defrag, you gotta do that every so often, the more you use your computer the more often you want to run those....
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