Will this Build work? I want to know before i order


I was just wondering if all the parts in this build are compatible
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  1. Drop the CPU cooler.

    Get a 120gb SSD or drop it.

    Yes technically it is compatible? Is this an HTPC?
  2. The case and CPU cooler will not be compatible.

    I also recommend you to switch every retailer to newegg as Amazon is overpriced.
  3. If you're going to be gaming at all I would recommend getting a dedicated keyboard and a mouse. You won't necessarily need a gaming mouse and a keyboard, just normal ones would be fine. Also try to get a mouse with a DPI of 2000 or higher if you're going to work on a 1920x1080 resolution screen or higher. This will make the mouse pointer move faster across the screen, as higher resolutions require a faster mouse DPI if you want to navigate smoothly around the screen.
    Also I would recommend using gigabit ethernet because you'll get the most out of your internet speed that way, but if you're going to be far away from your router, get the wireless adapter. Hope this helps.
  4. Thank you guys for an answer and yes it is an htpc, ill take ur suggestions into consideration
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