Does a cmos chip replacement have stored data

If a cmos chip is sent from the manufacturer because the cmos chip on the motherboard is faulty for some obscure reason, and I had sent the faulty chip to them the -

a) would the motherboard actually be dead without the cmos chip for any length of time and

b) would a replacement chip really have any stored data if it has been without power (not fitted to a motherboard) for more than a week?
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  1. a) If w/o the battery the CMOS chip don't work then the MB will not work either, because the CMOS chip is powered by a trickle of electricity from a small battery located on the motherboard.
    b) CMOS RAM chip contains a very small amount of memory so it does hold the data, like the information such as the system time and date and the system hardware settings for your computer. If you use the different MB CMOS chip that the PC will not boot, because when the computer is first turned on, it looks to this CMOS chip to find out what hardware is should expect to find. If it does not find the right hardware then it will not work.
  2. What if the manufacturer sends a replacement, won't their chip, going throough the mail, be without power and may even need to be reflashed (somehow)?

    It's a querilous Question, how can a manufacturer send a replacement if the replacement is without power?
  3. The CMOS chip contains two types of memory.
    One is a type of RAM that takes constant voltage of around ~3v. Either from the PSU when the system is on or from the battery when it is off.
    The data within the RAM will be lost if it goes more then a few minutes without power.

    All this holds is the clock, and all your configuration settings (preferences, overclock settings, boot order etc).

    The second type of memory is flash memory which holds the actual bios code and this is saved without power applied.
  4. EEPROM stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory and is a type of non-volatile memory used in computers and other electronic devices to store small amounts of data that must be saved when power is removed.
    And CMOS vs BIOS:
    The BIOS chip is EEPROM, the CMOS chip is RAM.
    Now, were you asking about CMOS or BIOS chip?
  5. I'm referring to a Question whereby the OP had flashed the bios with the wrong update, the PC no longer powers up, and now the manufacturer is sending a new cmos chip.

    Edit -
    @Alexiou - AJHA! It would have to tbe the bios chip, wouldn't it?
  6. Well I think that the manufacturer sends a BIOS chip and there's no problem if the chip is not powered for a period of time (EEPROM - non volatile memory).
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