After Power Outage, Computer shows wrong temps

Hello Everyone,

After my computer was accidentally unplugged while running, all of the temps are wrong. It used to idle around 40f, GPU around 50f, CPU around 40f. Now, it is idling at 90f, GPU at 100f (120 at minor load) and CPU at 90f.

OBVIOUSLY these temps are not correct. Nothing changed since the crash! BIOS, speedfan, and MSI afterburner all show these incorrect temps.

My thinking is that the power outage caused some sort of calibration value on the motherboard to reset. Because the computer thinks it is so hot, it throttles my CPU speed and starts slowly.

Windows 7 HP
Asus motherboard
PNY 660ti
Gskill 1600 16gb ram
2x WD black caviars
650 watt PSU
water cooling system, used to read wonderful temps.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Best answer
    Your computer never idled at 40 Fahrenheit. Maybe 40 Celsius. You sure it did not used to display in Fahrenheit and now it is displaying Celsius or vise versa?

    Also 90 Fahrenheit is 32C :)
  2. Ah, wow. My stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

    In re installing speedfan, the default was set, I thought I had it in F previously. It's always been in C.

    Thanks mate....
  3. No problem. Glad it was an easy fix! :vip:
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