7950 pcie slot running at x8 instead of x16


I have a problem with my video card for whatever reason is not running at full speed, I am aware that the speed difference is very minimal but it is a new system and I would like to figure it out. The switch to x16 is supposed to be auto but it is not. My card is in the first slot (blue). Anyone have any ideas? thanks!

my motherboard is
asus p8z77-v-lk
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  1. Enter BIOS>advanced>nb configuration>PCIex16_1>select (Force X16) instead of auto (default).
  2. ur6beersaway said:
    Enter BIOS>nb configuration>PCIex16_1>select (Force X16) instead of auto (default).


    I do not have that option in my bios just some auto setting or gen1, gen2 or gen 3?
  3. it would be much easier if you could provide us with your pc specs. model of mobo etc. initially I would change settings to gen 3. also, basing on terminology I am guessing you are msi mobo owner. gen 3 means pcie 3.0 mode there.
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