Mangled USB Drive Acting Like Empty Card Reader?

I found my kid's Kingston D101 G2 8GB usb flash drive laying in the driveway yesterday. It had obviously been run over and it was raining at the time.
I removed the plastic shroud and worked the metal connector back into a shape that would fit the a USB receptacle. Windows immediately recognised the drive and installed a set of drivers for a 2267 PRAM USB Device. The drive is recognized and shows up in "My Computer" as a lettered Removable Disk.
Unfortunately it seems to be nothing more than an empty disk, like a card reader. It shows no storage size and says there is no disk to format. Is the nand portion damaged or disconnected or what? Does anyone know of a way I might be able to still get to the data on the device?
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  1. Well... I decided to look a bit deeper and it appears the black piece was more or less a mount for the USB connector and original red shroud. The actually storage portion of the drive was cracked in several places and nearly snapped in half when I put a small amount of pressure on it. I'm going to assume the NAND or w/e it is that stores the data is ruined completely. /Shrug
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    Yep sorry, that's "FUBAR".
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