When windows 8 sleep, it won't turn back on even by pressing chases power button


I upgraded for windows 8 a few months back and it's running okay.. but I had an issue with sleep and hibernating.. when I put the PC to sleep/hibernate, it powers off totally, and then it powers on almost instantly.. I fixed the issue by unchecking the "allow device to wake computer up" in some items in device manager. and the PC sleeps normally now..

But now, when I try to wake the computer from sleep, it won't respond to keyboard and mouse (which can happen).. but the weirdest part is that it won't even respond to the main power button in the chases.. the only way to get it to turn back on again is to turn off power supply until the chases' blinking power led (which blinks when PC is sleep) powers off, and the turn power supply back on, and the power button now working, and PC resume from sleep.

Anyone had a similar issue?
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  1. When windows 8 was dropped to vendors a lot off the mb vendors had to drop new bios updates to let there older mb run windows 8. I would look at your mb bios rev and see if there a newer one.
  2. Thanks smorizio.. I'll update bios ans see how it goes.. i hope it's that simple.
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