killer 2100 keep freezing my whole computer

So i have problem with killer 2100.
If its in the computer i experience random freezing of whole system.Sometimes its ok whole day but sometimes its coming every 10 mins.After i switch on some game sound freeze and short after whole computer.For a long time i didnt know what is causing this so i tryed to change ram and checked power supply ect but when i putting my killer 2100 out of the computer worked as a charm for me....since than no freezing.Just to be sure i put it back to computer few days ago and freezing came back.And one thing i tryed was also windows reinstall so i have a clean install with latest drivers.
Please has anyone idea why is killer 2100 causing this????i want use because otherwise i just wasted 100 EU.
Their support is terrible they dont even answer me.
please help
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  1. While there could be other reasons your machine is appearing to freeze only when you install your Killer 2100, if you can, return the card, and your money won't be wasted., a popular online retailer is no longer even selling the Killer network cards, meaning, it's likely not a product worth your money.
  2. The company is out of business from what I am reading your card may be ready to die already wish you luck .
  3. Reviews show the card to be riddled with problems.
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