Will a Radeon HD 7350 work with AMD A8-5500 for "dual graphics"

Or whatever they call their funny crossfire setup.

I believe the A8-5500 has an integrated 7560? And this computer comes with a discreet 7350.. But I can't find any information anywhere that says this combination turns it into a 'crossfire' type setup.

If not, why would they include this card?? It's not even as fast as the 7560, is it?

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  1. Radeon 6670 is as high as it go,s to be honest with you a discret graphics card would be better like a 7790
  2. On the note of AMD's dual graphics solution, no, it is not compatible. And on the note of why would they include this gpu. It is probably because they can now market it as having a "discrete gpu" meaning it is "Sooooo much faster." Please note the quotations. If it was a prebuilt, which I assume it is. They would have done it so that they can say it has a discrete graphics solution, while it does not cost them much at all as this gpu is very cheap, but they can raise the price even more on the pc.

    Although it is faster than the 7560 on the APU. The APU does not have onboard vram, but uses the system memory, (your system's ram) which means that it is bottlenecked by the speeds of that, as well as the fact that it has a very limitted die area, meaning less transistors, and less performance. The dedicated solution has its own vram interface, a dedicated chip, not shared with a cpu, which allows for more transistors, and will be faster, however not by much.

    Hope this answers any questions you have. If you have any more feel free to pm me or simply reply

  3. Thanks for the reply! I'm still mildly confused though. I understand the apu will use system memory, but the 7560 is substantially faster than the 7350 though no? So would it even be worth it to keep the 7350?

    Actually, it is a prebuilt, and now that i think about it, there are two ports (missing ports) on the back of the case with a sticker saying "Not used".. and i believe those are where the HDMI and vga port would be!!

    So, one can naturally assume (I am new at this whole integrated thing), that the motherboard has to be compatible with the APU, meaning the motherboard needs those video ports? Does it make sense that this mobo doesn't have them?!
  4. I meant to ask, for my own clarification.. So this 7350 does NOT double up the video on this computer.? WOuldn't it have made more sense for them to include one that DOES crossfire with the APU??
  5. No the A8-5500 cannot run dual graphics with the 7350. Actually I'm not 100% sure on that but running dual graphics wih A8-5500 and 7350 will probably not give you a significant performance boost.
    Worthwile dual graphics with HD 6450, HD 6570 and HD 6670 are the only one that is recommended as far as I can tell.

    You're right that putting a 7350 into that machine gives very little sence. This is a very cheap card but I guess it gives you the ability to watch movies in full HD.
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