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I have an ASRock 970 Extreme3 motherboard waiting in the box for my fx-8350 to arrive. I was wondering if I could put the motherboard in now to figure the wiring out and install windows or if it would be better to wait for the 8350 to get here.

I have a 1035t to use for the time being but will there be any issues when I switch it out, or will the it be as easy as just swapping the chips? I believe my case opens behind the motherboard and allows access to the backside of the board behind the CPU.
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  1. It up to you it going to be a lot of work for have to unlock the CPU and take off the heat sink on the slower CPU without snapping the mb.then if the mb is installed in the case you have to be extra care full not to bend any of the CPU pins. Then you have to clean off the thermal paste on the heat sink and have to use some new paste and then relock the heat sink.
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    Depending on your familiarity and comfort level with this sort of thing, it's really not that big of a deal. Windows is not going to care about your processor a whole lot, and your 1035t will easily allow you to get things going and determine if your board is working fine, etc.

    Agree with smorizio, you will need to be good about cleaning your heat sink before reusing it, unless you have a different one you plan to use with the new chip when it arrives. I personally think some heat sinks are just too difficult to safely install once the motherboard is inside of a case, so the worst scenario would involve removing your motherboard from the case. Generally however, it's not too big of a deal.
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