8800gt cannot get passed 1380x760

I have an older 8800gt that used to work perfectly with my old monitor at 1920x1280, but when I changed to a 32'' toshiba, I cannot get it to go past 1380x760

I have uninstalled drivers, and reinstalled, uninstalled and reinstalled older drivers, still nothing. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix it?
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  1. The driver is locked to the limitation of the monitor. If this is incorrect, perhaps you need to look for a driver for the MONITOR.
  2. Are you using any adapters or going through any switch boxes? Perhaps your monitor is not showing as being HDCP compliant to your card?
  3. My tv is showing up as a Toshiba-TV, I went to look for drivers on it and didn't know which to pick. Tried both intel and nvidia display drivers, that didn't work. I have also tried calling tech support, however that was about as useful as going outside and asking the little kids which one would be best. Im not sure how to fix the issue.

    As far as adapter goes, I'm plugged into the PC-in slot on the back of my tv, its a VGA, and then plugged into the vid card with a dvi adapter, how I was plugged into it before. Nothing new has changed except for the monitor. Not sure about the compliancy question
  4. Monitors support up to a maximum resolution. That 32''er looks like it only goes up to 1360x760. Look at the product specifications of the monitor, this doesnt sound like a video card issue.
  5. Are you sure your TV can do higher res? It might just be a 720p TV.
  6. Im sure this tv goes higher than 1380x760, I have seen it in full screen prior to my getting it. I'm just not sure where the issue lies. If it is a driver, cabling, or just windows settings that is not allowing it to go higher. I'm pretty sure this tv, which is fairly new, can do 2048x1536, because I saw it at that resolution.
  7. most tv does not support full hd
  8. How do you know the TV was not scaling the resolution when you saw it? Did you set everything up yourself, or look at a demonstration? A lot of people will plug their computer into a VGA port on a TV, which can cause for scaling. So, even if the computer was set to a higher resolution, you may not have seen it on the TV.

    Can you please specify the actual model number of the TV so we can get specifications to remove all doubt?
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