Memory Problem?? Or what??? Very Wierd Lag

GTX 650 ti
8GB (2x4GB) Ram
970a-g46 MOBO
unknown HDD

All the items above are new except for the harddrive (3years old)

Sometimes I get these VERY weird "smooth"-"Freze" lags.


My internet connection would all stop working.
I cannot open programs.
It's as if everything is frozen in my computer; EXCEPT for the fact that I can move the mouse and still scroll up and down my internet browser as if I wasn't lagging.
The only thing is nothing new will open.

Durign this lag, say I open 5+ programs. None of those programs will open until AFTER the lag period has ended. Then all the 5 programs will open at once and my internet is back and working.
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  1. I'm unsure of the functionality of this trial, but it helped my friend diagnose his computer's slowness and pausing/freezing plus crashes due to a failing hard drive. I use the full version to monitor my drives.

    I really do recommend going into options and finding the setting that replaces your hard drive icons and disabling it.

    It could also be memory or even a motherboard issue. But the program will at least help rule out the hard drive or indicate it as the culprit.
  2. Sounds more like a virus than hardware problem to me. Do some scans and check if there are any odd schedules set.
  3. I am still getting this lag after I updated to an SSD.

    I started fresh, didnt use any of the old files.

    Which really points me to think if its the hardware that's causing the problem
  4. mmm...Are you able to open task manger when this happens, how are proccessor and RAM looking? Is it specific programs that cause this or random ones? are they graphic intensive? I would update BIOS and if it's still happening then try your memory one stick at a time and/or run memtest over night to rule them out.
    Also check processor temps as I get a similar problem if I accidentally tell excel to paste a formula a million times (things get very hot and slow if I dont kill the program).
  5. my CPU jumps to 60% during the freeze

    from 1-5%
  6. my temps are steady at 20-29C idle
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