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I built a computer for a friend today and everything went great. Installed windows 8 and told him to update his motherboard and gpu drivers to the latest that were out.

He calls me the next morning telling me after he put the asus support disc in and tried updating that way, but now his computer will no longer post. Also, it will turn off completely after a few seconds, and will not try to post again unless the power switch on the back of the PSU is reset before pressing the case power button. with each reset there are varying degrees of time before it shuts off (3-10 secs).

His build consists of the following:
-Asus Sabertooh z77
-core i7 3770k
-corsair vengence 16gb
-evga gtx 680
-corsar ax 750 psu
-samsung 840 256gb pro

-also the Dram fault is illuminated a constant red light before in turns itself off, so I never have time to hold the mem ok switch.
-Power led at bottom of motherboard indicates good input power to the board.

-Tried swapping PSU's,
-reseting cmos,
-putting ram in different places and booting
-booting with one stick of ram
-ensured no broken pins on cpu
-did external boot to ensure no motherboard shorting to chassis

everything was working fine till he tried putting the Asus support disk in and installing the utilities on the disc.

any suggestions on what else I should try? or should I just RMA the motherboard?
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  1. I suggest trying the flashback for flashing the BIOS.
    Download the BIOS file from the ASUS site, unzip, rename (check in the manual for the name or use the ASUS rename utility) and save it on a FAT formatted USB drive.
    Connect the drive to the Flashback USB port (check the manual for the port location).
    Don't start the board, just make sure that the PSU is connected and on.
    Press the flashback button for 3 seconds.
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