Am i Bottlenecking?

I am putting together a rig, not trying to spend more than $450 very basic, gonna play League at 60fps that's about it maybe get into Planetside 2, other basic processes, but that is my main game.

I have a couple of parts picked out, but not sure if one of them is gonna weigh down the others

lemme know what you think, what

also need advice for a good cpu cooler that is extremely quiet, perhaps OC not sure if it's really needed though

thanks guys, enjoy
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  1. Should be fine
  2. No way to do it for $450. You still need a hard drive, case, power supply and CPU cooler. You can do it for $550 though.

    Pretty good lower midrange gaming build and overall general use computer. You also will need a copy of Windows and that adds $100. You also might want an optical drive. I usually use this Asus for $20.

    Edit: You do not technically need the CPU cooler. However if you plan on overclocking you will need it and AMD stock coolers tend to be loud. The Hyper 212 Evo will be much quieter than the stock cooler.
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