Gtx 660 OC help, im confused

Hello, im am going to buy this gpu for my new pc.

I am just curious about a few things...

1) It says overclocked, does that mean its already overclocked and when i use it it will over clock?

2) Do I need to overclock it myself, because I don't want it to overclock by itself?

3) Will it still run games on ultra (tomb raider, Hitman, GTA iv) if I don't overclock it?

4) When any card has OC next to it, does that mean you can overclock it, or does that mean it already is?

I dont really know much about overclocking and I dont want to overclock my GPU. My computer will also have an Intel Core i5 3330 and Corsair Vengeance 8GB, will this be enough to run games all full settings?

Thankyou, Nick
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    1. It means that it's already overclocked. Gigabyte raised the clock speeds themselves, so it's faster than a stock card.

    2. You don't have to. You probably could if you want to in the future.

    3. Maybe not ultra, but high should be doable. Also depends on the resolution you'll be playing at.

    4. This means that it's already overclocked.
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