Please help my laptop system!

My laptop is a Win-7, recently it keeps stucking:no:
Some friends online advised that it's something to do with too many software installed. Anyway, I am not playing heavy games on it. It's kinda innocent.
Some system optimizers were suggested.

Are there any other ways to deal with it?

Meanwhile, registry clean and disk defragment,
which should go first?

If you think the questions are silly, FORGIVE me!:no::??:
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  1. The information youv given us isn't really that helpful in trying to determine whats wrong with your laptop. Can you give more detail on what the issue is, does it happen when doing certain things, can you repeat the issue?
  2. OK, thank you manofchalk, my laptop is Dell-Inspiron 15 (Yes I know it's old but I like it, not an ad:)-Windows7 Home Premium, 64Bit, English.

    Like all new devices, it worked perfect in the beginning. But, it got slower and slower. No appalling problems occurred. But recently the old device responds even slower, like a snail!

    Is there something to do with some toolbars I recently installed and then uninstalled after found them bother? Or I often use the DVD-driver these days. I should think hard to recall but not more unusual actions really.

    About the optimization software, or registry cleaner, disk cleaner, I really need some help to figure them out which is more helpful.

    Please help!
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