SLI GTX Titan + Maximus V Extreme - will not boot!

Hey guys,

could really use a hand. I'm running a Maximus V Extreme with a 3770k, Corsair Dominator Platinum and a ZXR Sound card. Running one GTX Titan is fine, I cannot get a second one to work. Boots with an AE code (Legacy Boot Event). Have tried it with a GPU in slot 1+ 2 and 1+3, neither work so far. Went into the BIOS and forced pcie3 on the lanes, nothing.

Any ideas? Really appreciate the help!
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  1. What's your PSU looking like.
  2. Corsair AX1200, can't be that!
  3. Right so it works with one card in .
    And when two are placed in the system, the SLI bridge is in place?
    As a small test take the sound card out, SLI the two Titan cards see if it works.
    I think the legacy bit is pointing to the ZXR sound card kicking up the message.
    If you have two x4 lanes try moving that Card to the other, or last x4 lane and the two Titans in Pci-e 1 and 2 x16 lane slots.
    The board does have three x16 and 3 x4 lanes from what I remember this may solve the problem.
    So lane switching does not conflict. So Pci-e 1: Titan Pci-e 2 Titan SLI bridge Pci-e x4 slot 3 ZXR sound card.
  4. Update bios.
  5. This is beyond ridiculous, this motherboard has been nothing but trouble, it threw error code 55 for hours and hours when I first built it which is RAM related. Now this?

    I just tried every possible combination, including only one card in each slot, they all work fine, two cards always throws an AE code. Bios is up to date. I had the sound card removed for all tests. Nothing, nada. I also tried Hiviz idea of changing display inputs, nothing. This is infuriating, my fingers are ridiculously sore from pulling the power cables out of the GPU's!
  6. Well you're not alone in your troubles:

    You may have to RMA the board, but you can try out the suggestions in the link.
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