how to share a 4g usb internet via netgear wpnt834

I have a 4g usb internet dongle which is connected to a laptop, and I have a netgear wpnt834 wireless router which I want to use in order to share my 4g connection which is available in my laptop, I have tried so hard, I shared the 4g adapter and could see the WiFi and I can join it from my mobile but there is no internet.. any advice will be much appreciated..
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  1. To my knowledge, 4G is a term for speeds of a Cellular Service, correct?

    My point being, unless the dongle links in directly to your cell service, you will need to connect to a WiFi hotspot device, from your Cell Phone provider, or activate the feature on your smart phone (if it supports it). You NetGear WPNT834 lets you connect because it is still part of a network... The network just isn't connected to the internet w/o a Modem. The Router will not have anything to do with connecting to a 4G internet signal. If it is one of those devices such as the dongle for the "Clear" internet service or one of the other "Get internet with this USB device", check the carrier's actual coverage, and read the instructions, you must have done something wrong in the initial configuration.
  2. That router does not have the driver support for those modems. Currently there is no standardization for the drivers needed to run a broadband USB device. It is easy to load driver to your PC but a router it pretty much has the support or does not.

    You need a special router that supports USB cellular modems. You can search for 3g/4g broadband router. Still even these routers do not support every USB device, some cell providers refuse to give out the information for them to get a router driver written.
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