[solved]how to find my security key for wlan

i could configure my new modem-router and able to connect to Lan 1 2 3 4
laptop says wireless network available
when trying to connect it asks for security key
where it is located ?
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  1. The default password for wireless is usually printed on the bottom of the router. If someone already configured the router, you should ask him what the password is.
  2. there are 3 stickers under the modem
    WAC: 94D7237B3B78
    S/N xxxxxxxxx
    none of the numbers work
    how should a typical key appear?
    in the router setup screen there are 4 key options
    how can i create a key correctly
    anything i type there it says wrong format /key for saving
    i have never used a wireless modem
    that is why the confusion
  3. Didn't it come with a manual? In there you should be able to find everything you need to know, including how to set it up.
  4. there is no manual given and there is no manual all over the net.
    they gave me an impotred beetel modem 450 tc2.
    all thingsdone blindly here.
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