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Im new to overclocking, I recently overclocked my cpu where it is stable, but by doing, it lowered my ram to 1444mhz because i changed the SPD to 8 to reach my stable cpu overclocked.
When nothing is overclocked and i enable xmp it does read correctly..

My Ram is corsair xms3 rated at 1600 8-8-8-24 @ 1.65

CPU-Z shows it at 1444 mhz and 8-8-8-20. I do not want to overclock my ram i just want it to be stock at 1600.
I did read the manual for my mobo which is ga-x58a-ud3r, which it did say to enable the xmp profile to get correct ram speeds.
So all i really want to know is how to put my ram at 1600.
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  1. Can you provide a screen shot of CPU-Z with CPU and memory tabs open? Are you taking into account CPU-Z is showing the single data rate?
  2. far as i remember x58 overclocking you may not get 1600mhz on the ram

    as its the fsb x the multiplier

    ie--if your ram is showing 1444mhz chances are your fsb is 180mhz so putting the ram multiplier up to 10 would make

    your ram 1800mhz which it probably wont run at

    my second pc has x58 with an i7 920

    to get 1600mhz on the ram i used 20 x 200 for 4ghz and 8 x 200mhz for 1600mhz ram far as i remember

    but you need good cooling for 4ghz

    so what cpu do you have and what speed is your cpu running at?
  3. C12Friedman said:
    Can you provide a screen shot of CPU-Z with CPU and memory tabs open? Are you taking into account CPU-Z is showing the single data rate?

    Well CPU-Z is showing it at around 720ish, which would be 1444mhz. In the bios it also says 1444. I will post a screenshot when i get home.
  4. I found out that my chip i7920 max frequency is 1066 so It is already overclocked
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    your ram should be able to do 1600mhz if its 1600mhz ram

    its just the motherboard classes it as overclocking it--my x58 board also says it doesnt officially support 1600mhz ram except by overclocking

    if you tell us what cpu speed you have overclocked to or want to overclock to it would be easier to explain

    ie if you want 3.2ghz with 1600mhz on the ram

    you set fsb to 160 and cpu multiplier to 20 then you set the ram multiplier to 10

    160 x 20 gives cpu speed of 3200mhz and 160 x 10 ram multiplier gives you 1600mhz ram

    just been mucking about on my second pc with x58 board and i7 920 to check
  6. I am stable at 3.78ghz with temps on full load around 67. I was playing around with some of the numbers, and i could get to 3.8ghz with 19x200, with the ram being exactly 1600. I will try this tonight and run prime and post the results. I am a little confused though between the cpu multiplier and the blck frequency, as if lowering the cpu multiplier and raising the blck frequency changes anything. I will post tomorrow the results.
    I could also try 20x190=1520.
    All these the spd would be at 8.
    I appreciate your reply.
  7. theres a few ways to tweak about with it

    havent done it for a while on x58

    but seem to remember being able to get my ram up to about 1680mhz as well as overclocking the cpu heavily

    cant remember where the bclk limit was but it should go over 200mhz--might have hit the limit about 210mhz x 19
  8. I ran it at 19x200 which gave me 3.8ghz and 1600 mhz on prime95 for 10 hours with 0 errors or warning so i am all good now. Cpu-Z is showing all of the correct timings as well.
    Thank you for all of the help
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