How to reinstall xp os?

Recently my friend gave me a computer he was about to through away. It's running windows xp and has a lot of junk on it. I want to wipe the junk away and start anew without the potential of having viruses. However, I don't have a xp disk or have the winnt32/i368 files on the drive. How do you re install the operating system without those two things and only having the product key?
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  1. Borrow a disk, Burn a new disk, there are sources you can get the bits for it.
    I haven't checked because I have all my disks but I believe digital river is normally a good source.
  2. First, Did your friend REUSE the Win XP on another system, and is that system still in use.
    .. The Licence is only good for use on ONE system at a time.

    2nd is this a store bought, or home build.
    .... For store bought vist the manuf web suppot page, should have all the drivers you should need.
    ... If Home build, visit the Manuf Motherboard driver page for needed drivers.

    With a barrowed Installation disk, pass on entering the key during install. wait until you have let windows do it's updates, installed needed drivers, and installed your programs - TEST it, if all is well, then activate using your key code.
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