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Hey everyone,

I'm looking into getting a splitter for HDMI to run two displays. I was reading some reviews online at amazon.
According to the poster you basically can get "lucky" as he put it with the splitter working or not working with having 1 display on or 2 displays on. Here is his reasoning.

"There is argument regarding whether both TVs need to be on for this splitter to work. Different reviewers have different facts. They are all correct. Because there are some TVs when shut down (no picture on the screen, but still has power connected), the HDMI interface will also be powered down, in such case, the splitter won't work to support the other TV. There are also some TVs, when shut down, the HDMI interface can still remain in standby / power on mode, so that splitter thinks this TV is still on, so in such case, the other TV still can get the singal for it to work."

My question is. What do I need to be looking for as far as specs on either my Tv's, or on the Splitter I purchase to make sure that it will in fact work for both displays weather or not I have one off and one on or even both on at the same time.

Thank you for any and all contribution. I'm far from a graphics expert and looking for some clarification!
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  1. Since no one has answered yet. Anyone have stories of their own HDMI splitters to share? Good - bad?
  2. BigMack70 said:
    I've not used a splitter but I use a switch (basically the reverse; 3 in/1 out) and have had no issues. What are you doing that you need a splitter? If you are just wanting to use two HDMI displays from your PC, you would probably be better off just using a DVI-->HDMI or DP-->HDMI cable/adapter than an HDMI splitter.

    I'm actually just looking for a cheap inexpensive temp solution to watch TV from my cable box to, two tv's. I already have a 25" hdmi cable running to the second tv and a 3 foot cable running to the tv where the box is located. Just want to be able to plug both in at the same time until I get my media center box built and up and running. What are you using a switch for? If you don't mind me asking.
  3. BigMack70 said:
    I've got a Blu-ray player and Xbox 360 hooked up to my monitor, which only has one HDMI input, so I needed the switch. With regards to the splitter, I'd say you should probably just buy it and see if it works with your setup. They're cheap so worst case scenario you wasted a couple bucks.

    Ah that makes sense. Ya... :/ probably what I'm going to end up doing. Just hate not understanding what causes the issue I described above lol :p. But o well. Thanks for responding anyways.
  4. Lame.. I'll order a cheap one and see how it goes. Thanks!
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