Blue screens! Help

Hi there! So a while ago i got a new graphics card! Its a amd 7950

But when i started up my after effects it took about 10 minutes before my machine got a blue screen! My pc is about 5 years old but i have put in some more ram as well as the new graphics card! The blue screens are usually 0124 or 0d1 or 0a1
Please help im desperate
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  1. I'm going to suspect your PSU if 5 years old, isn't quite up to the task of running the 7950 for any length of time. Have you tried stressing the graphics with Unigine Heaven or...? I'd guess it'll shut down quicker then
  2. Ok soo i found out that my graphics card got up to 60 degrees
    I dont know if that might be one of the problems!
  3. Nope, 60C is still well under your GPU threshold (~85C). Did you get a complete run out of Unigine?
    What is the make and model of the computer (specs if home built) and what ram (exact kit, link preferred) did you add?
  4. Probably a bad driver with those codes, check the loaded 3rd party drivers with Nirsoft's Driverview: against the bad drivers listed here:

    Copy the contents of the Windows\Minidump folder to your Desktop, zip them and upload them somewhere like a public folder on Skydrive, link it back here and someone will analyse them for you.
  5. usually 0124 or 0d1 or 0a1 is not enough voltage .. o don't know you under OC or PSU drop
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