7870 balck screew

I bought a sapp 7870 and keep getting a black screen when playing video heavy games like Planet Side 2 or BF3. However, I normally play minecraft and it never effected this. So I have had the card well past the return 30 days. Any suggestions?? It is very annoying and looking for a new card as well. Will NEVER buy from them again.
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  1. sapphire makes good cards. the problem is either, a bad card (wich happens, any manufacturer), or, something in your pc. why dont you just rma it.
  2. Can I do that. I know they are recalling cards, but mine does not make the recall. And it is past the 30 day return.
  3. make the recall? the card has a warranty beyond the return date to the retailer. contact sapphire.
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