Why does my PC always restart when i insert a disc in my DVD drive?

When i insert a disc in my DVD drive my PC restarts.
From this point on one of two things will either happen
1. When my PC reboots it will make a beeping sound and refuse to start (i.e. BIOS settings wont even show and the screen remains black with no white cursor on top of the screen).
2. Or it gets clever and just disables or not detect the DVD drive when i continue to press the restart the button. So when my PC boots properly when i visit My Computer the DVD drive does not show.
(please dont talk about auto detect setting its got nothing to do with that)
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  1. electrical short on the dvd drive?
  2. rgd1101 said:
    electrical short on the dvd drive?

    what causes electrical short? Power Supply wearing out?
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