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I'm building a completely new rig from scratch. I already have almost all of the parts sitting in my room in brand new condition. I'm only missing the cooler because it's never in stock, the third monitor, and the graphics cards but I'm waiting until the 700 series comes out.

I can still send stuff back if I should change something, so I was wondering if I made any mistakes.

I was also wondering what video card combination I should get to achieve 144+ FPS when triple monitor gaming.
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  1. I think you made pretty good choices a few things i wouldn't have bought but it's mostly personal preference not that what you picked was bad.What game are you hoping to get 144fps in
  2. I would also like to know what games you expect to play at this fps, because if you are playing Crysis 3 that is going to take a lot of horsepower, but something like Call of Duth wouldn't take nearly as much.

    Lets assume though that you will be playing games on the scale of Battlefield 3 ( I know that 4 is coming, and it will be on the scale of Crysis 3). It will take a lot to push that many frames on a 5760x1080 display with max settings. You would need at least a 3 way setup or, as you are waiting for 700 series, maybe a two way.
    One quick lesson on Nvidia gpus though so that you understand. The current 680 runs on the kepler gk107 gpu, along with the 670, (the 670 has less rops and texture units as well as cuda cores), and the gtx titan runs on the bigger brother gk110 and 6 gigs of memory compared to 680's 2 gigs. The gk110 was previously only used in the titan supercomputer (the fastest superxomputer in he world) and as a high end enterprise server and cuda accelerator. Now, the 780, the successor to the 680 will use this gk110 gpu and supposedly have 5 gigs of memory on a 512 bit bus compared to 680's 256 bit bus. And seeing as the Titan is a thousand dollar card and 680 is essentially a five to six hundred card, I and other sites assume it will cost roughly 700-900 dollars. The 770, the 670's successor, will be a full gk107 like the 680 but have 4 gigs of memory and of course many firmware and a few hardware optimizations, making it probably about or slightly faster than the 680, as well as reducing power consumption. It will probably be abiut 450-500 I assume, but I ciuld be wrong.

    Next you need ti realize that what you wish to do is extremely challenging for gpus, especially at 144 hertz. From my knowledge and the fact that you are willing to spend a little over a grand, I would suggest a pair of 770s when they are released. This should be able to handle most games at, or almost at 144fps and your resolution, although you might have to turn one, maybe two settings down if you want stable 144fps. If you want to though, you could look into the 780s as well, as the price I stated above is simply speculation from me and other sources based on the gpu it will likely run. I am not sure how deeo your pockets are, but a three way solution should almost without a doubt get the job done.

    I really like the looks of your build just on the parts list already, although if possible I would return the rosewill case and opt for an NZXT Switcht 810 or Corsair 800D. This is just my opinion though, and I am simply basing it on reviews I have seen of the case, not personal experience. There are simply too many things that were simply adequate or not good enough with it that does not justify the price. I also hate that it uses a side mesh instead of a window as it greatly reduces asthaetics, but will also cause a lot of dust buildup.

    Hope that this helps you out. Sorry for it being so long, got a bit carried away, but if you have any questions at all, feel free to pm or reply as I check back often and will be happy to answer any inquiries.

  3. I would also love to see a build log, if you do end up logging it, be sure to sendnme a link to it.
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