How to get full internet speed out of linksys router?

I have a some what old linksys e2000, it covers most of my house and at the furthest point away I can get from it I still get a good speed. I currently pay for 50mps download and 10mbs upload from comcast. What I don't understand is that I get 25mps when I'm 10 feet away from the router in the same room, and 15 at the furthest point in my house away form the router. But what doesn't make any sense is that I get my full 10mbs upload even at the furthest point in my house. Can I change the setting for my router to output the maximum download speed. Also I'm using my iphone 4 with the speed test app, is the iphones adapter not strong enough to get the full 50mbs download? If you have any advice for me please respond!
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  1. Are you connecting using wifi or Ethernet with degraded speeds?

    Wireless will degrade the further you go away from the router. Ethernet can go 100 Meters (328.084 ft) without degraded signal. Although I would recommend using 80-90 meters before putting in a repeater.

    The iPhone adapters aren't as good as a computer. I wouldn't rely on that test unless your main usage is with your phone.

    There is a big difference between how much speed you pay for and how much speed you actually get.

    Your actual throughput is degraded by network protocol overhead and other factors. If your LAN is working at LAN speeds then your ISP may be at fault. But then again it can depend on what you are using to measure the speed.

    It may also be your DNS. I am getting ahead of myself but there are many different factors that could affect this.
  2. Your speeds are about what most people see if you are running 802.11g or single channel 802.11n with no mimo.

    Generally the maximum you can get on wireless just over 1/2 the rated speed and that is sitting right on top of the router. Lots of technical reasons but the big one is it half duplex with only 1 transmitter at a time.

    You best bet it to use wired as indicated or move to 150m or 300m 802.11n equipment. You will never actually get those speeds but it is a higher number to start with. I suspect you should be able to hit the 50m....assuming you can get 50m use a ethernet cabke
  3. Take this for example.

    LAN speed on Fast Ethernet is 100 Mbps. Not MBps. Note the difference. Mega-bits vs Mega-bytes. Eight bits in a single byte.

    Windows Task manager under the 'Networking' tab will show what each network adapter is negotiated to operate at with your network.

    To know your speed that is allowed maximum do this simple calculation:

    100 * 1024 /divide 8.
    (Mbps)(# of bits in a MB)/8

    If you don't know math then do 100 times 1024 divided by 8. This will equal 12,800 bytes which is what fast Ethernet can put out when there isn't protocol or security overhead.

    Basically typical LAN speeds are about 10 MB/sec when nothing else can interrupt the traffic or transmitting device. In some cases if it is a basic file transfer and it is just going through a switch for example you can see 12 MB/sec.

    Anyways 12,800 bytes equals 12.5 MB

    You can expect between %10-25 of overhead to rob you of the speeds you will see. 9-10 MB/sec

    Now with a tiny freckle of the surface scratched on networking speeds you can start to take into account that wireless, in this physical world we live in, will suffer depending on another buffet of factors.
  4. Im supposed to have 30mbps from my ISP which I get if Im connected directly to the modem alone. but once I connect either of my linksys routers (ea6350 or ea4500) on both the wifi and lan connections.
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