wanting to make sure the heat sink will fit.

So I'm working on my new build. My concern is if the heat sink will fit. The new case I'm looking at is a Cooler Master HAF 932, and the mobo is a Gigabyte G1.Assassin2. My concern with the mobo is that the cpu sits between the RAM slots (2 on each side), and one of the heat pipes on the mobo sticks up a little bit on the top side of the socket. I'm planning on using G.SKill Ripjaws Z DDR3-2400. They come with a couple fans that sit over the ram. With the case it's of course making sure it is wide enough. It says the case is 9". But I'm assuming that is exterior dimensions and not interior, and it has a fan on the side of the case that I don't know how far in it goes. The heat sink i'm looking at is a Noctua NH-D14 SE2011. From research it seems as if it is among the better heat sinks available. I'm pretty well set on using that mobo, but I'm flexible on a case as long as it's in about the same price range, and will fit the mobo. So what do you guys think? Will it fit, or any suggestions?
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  1. Your going to have bigger problems between the Noctua and those RAM coolers than you will with the case.
    Just get a low profile RAM kit. RAM really doesnt get hot.

    The case is fine for the Noctua.
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    first of all, fast ram does you no good. 1600mhz ram will perform the same. go get one of those kits instead

    if you must use the ripjaw z 2400, it will fit under the d14. it might require you to move the fan a little higher, but it will fit according to noctua
  3. I was wondering about the RAM, if it would actually give a noticeable increase to performance. But if I'm just as well off going with 1600, then I'll just do that besides it's ~ $100 cheaper. After looking the case back over, I'm pretty sure the heat sink will sit up above where the fan is at. So as manofchalk said, the case should be fine. I've never had to look at getting an aftermarket heat sink before so this part of it was a little new to me. So for anyone that looks this up later, that is in the same boat as me. if you go to they have a compatibility chart for mobo's, and RAM. It's of course not a complete list, but it does have the G1.Assassin 2 listed for the D14 SE2011. (Sorry for not looking that up earlier, just thought about it this morning.)
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