sapphire or powercolour or asus graphic card

iam planning to buy a hd 7750 card ans there are 3 compnaies that provide it they are sapphire,power colour,asus which one is the best company
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  1. Asus > Saphire > PC
  2. are you sure
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    Saphhire and asus both are best.regarding hd 7750 i would go with saphhire one as it has better cooling and i personally use saphhire hd 7750
  4. should i buy oc edition or normal edition
  5. normal one is can eaisily oc that
  6. my board is db75en intel mobo will it support pcie 3.0 x16 cards
  7. yes 100%.pci exp are backward compaitable and you will face no performanceloss
  8. thank you
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