best CPU match for hd 6770 1gddr5..

actually I still got a dual core & I want to upgrade but um on a budget of about 115$ .i first thought of an fx 4100 but I got to know its 'PSEUDO QUAD CORE' its something like 2.5 or 3 core I thought of a fx 6100 but I heard it too had problems like it uses 6 cores which aren't used actually in games..secondly it uses all the 6 cores at 3.6 ghz & only 3 cores at turbob 3.8ghz!!!....then I thought of phenom 2 x 4 965 ..but its old & uses an old socket .that'd not give me any chance for future CPU upgrades...
plzz..correct me if I'm wrong with these CPUs ..if theres a beter option plzz suggest , I'd mostly prefer AMD prcsrs & this rig is for for gaming purposes like bf3 , crysis 3 etc.but dont suggest too powerful cpus so that gpu will bottleneck...thanks in advance...
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  1. I would go with either the Phenom despite the old socket or an FX4300 or FX6300.
    Piledriver is better then bulldozer. Better then the price difference.
    Note I tend to be more of an Intel person so if someone has better suggestions feel free to correct me.
  2. which intel cpu suitsme in that budget ?
  3. fx-4300 or i3
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