What is the 'best' mobo for z77 gaming rig?

I've been working on a build for over a year and I've come to finalizing it and hoping to build my first computer by the end of the summer and just in time for winter!

I've honestly didn't put any thought into when I picked out a mobo for my build and just went for the one that sounded cool and had good reviews. So that is why I decided to ask for some help in finalizing my choice for a mobo!

Here are the candidates I have in sight:

MSI Z77A-G45 Gaming

ASRock Z77 Ex4

I'm honestly leaning towards the G45 gaming, I originally had the G45 for my build but when I searched it to find a link to add to this post I found this badboy. I just can't help but be enticed by how cool it looks. The Extreme4 seems to be recommended a lot though so I'm not entirely sure which to go for. Perhaps there is a mobo that's even better than both of them? Any suggestions?
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    As fortune would have it, those two boards were compared on this very site:,3254.html
    Short version: the Extreme4 was recommended over the G45. Long version: there are many merits to both, and you should research them extensively before you make your choice.
  2. not an expert, but i get the feeling neither of those boards is the best choice unless youre getting some sort of deal with them in it.

    in general the things you look for in a mobo are decent quality components, better power regulation, and features/chipset.
  3. No, I'd consider the ASRock good value for money - not sure about the MSi. In general two Z77 boards with x8/x8 CF/SLi will perform similarly, assuming the CPU VRM isn't too useless for OCing.

    FYI: By that time you may be wanting to look at Haswell.
  4. Someone Somewhere said:

    FYI: By that time you may be wanting to look at Haswell.

    Thank you for catching that. I skimmed a bit on the original post. OP would likely want to look for a Haswell CPU/mobo if he's going to be buying at the end of summer.
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