i5 3570 and asus gtx 670 dcu 2 to a 1600x900 monitor

will an i5 3570 and asus gtx 670 dcu 2 bottleneck a 1600x900 monitor,pliz help!!!
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  1. nope

    that's not even HD... both the cpu and gpu are far more powerful then anything that monitor could display. you won't struggle to play anything on it.

    if you're asking "will the monitor bottleneck my system" the answer is only in the sense, that this monitor won't be able to come close to displaying all the graphic goodness your system can display.

    I'd get a better monitor for that system.
  2. thanks 4 the reply,i had choose this monitor since i want 2 play the present n upcomming game with their ultra settings n i don' wana miss any game with their ultra quality,i see some benchmarking that it was struggling 2 keep crysis 3 in the ultimate settings with full hd i,e with smaax4 or 8xsmaa
  3. if your goal is Crysis 3 in HD, you're shooting for the extremes, I'd grab a 7970... perhaps...

    ~or not
  4. oh!!then did u know anything about the upcomming gtx 760 n gtx 770 since i wana stick 2 nvidia,n my budget 4 gpu is $400,will it be that really good
  5. the 700 series will be a refresh of the 600... though it seems they're just moving everything down one step... so a 770 will be roughly analogous to the 680... and the 760 the 670... the 780 will apparently be roughly equal to a nerfed titan (not a true titan... probably something a lot closer to the 7970 then the base titan).

    nvidia is talking a price hike with this refresh.
  6. Id get a Gigabyte GTX 670 it is cheaper than the Asus and can perform just as good at a better price. With that monitor you will not need anything better than a GTX 670 infact even a GTX 670 is a complete waist at that resolution.
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