ASUS VX238H Calibration Issues with PS3

Greetings all,

So I bought this monitor, , to use as a cheap, low lag display solution for my Playstation 3.

The problem is there seems to be no way to manually adjust the brightness (black levels) of the monitor. The "brightness" setting simply adjusts the backlight, not black levels.

The only way brightness can be adjusted is by toggling through the presets (scenic, standard, game, etc).

The closest solution I found is turning on the PS3's HDMI Full Range mode. But even with that on, none of the presets gives me an adequate picture. Blacks are either crushed, or are still washed out.

Actually, I did find a solution to the brightness problem. If I set the monitor to Scenery preset, turn on the PS3 HDMI Full Range, and turn on the ECO friendly mode (yeah wtf). But the ECO mode turns the contrast way up, and with ECO mode activated you cannot adjust contrast manually.

So anyway, am I missing something? Is there another way to adjust the actual brightness (not backlight). I imagine there must be a service menu, I just don't know how to open it (and would be scared to screw anything up to be honest).

Sorry if that was a bit long winded, thanks.
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  1. contrast is your friend i think
  2. I wish it was that easy. This is very frustrating. Clearly the monitor has potential for a great picture, but it gives poor adjustment settings (too bright or too dark depending on pre-set, no way to set it in-between).
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