CrossHair V Formula and new FX 8 core cpu power issue.

Hello again ,
I have just got a new AMD-FX CPU 8 core 4.0GHz black edition on Monday and have tried to install it. it's on the mother board (CrossHair V Formula) not the newer CrossHair V Formula z,

Every time I boot my pc up I get nothing, the CPU is the same watts as my last one<CPU AMD Phenom(tm) 11x6 1100t Processor 3.7GHz overclocked to 3.84GHz> but I still get nothing nothing loading<not even a beep sounding>
I have the Thermaltake VO200M1W2N REVO Full Tower that came with a sound beeper installed to let me know if it boot's

Would I need a new PSU or motherboard like <CrossHair V Formula Z>
My PSU is a 900+50 watts HCG Antec
Or could I try using 2 PSU's at the same time to feed the CPU power. I also am using this Thermaltake CL-W0217 Water 2.0 Extreme Universal Liquid
and think it is using all the CPU juice
I do have another PSU 600W HCG Antec

I did read that I shouldn't need more than the 900W HCG psu that I have but i think this could be wrong
THE CPU watts for both is 125w
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  1. You may need to update the BIOS for the new CPU. Swap back, and then it should work.

    PSUs should both be fine.
  2. OK Thanks will try and will be back to post how if it worked
  3. Where can I find the bios needed for updating I've been searching everywhere yet have nothing ????
    AMD-FX CPU 8 core 4.0GHz black edition bios updates with link thanks
  4. It's not for the CPU, it's your mobo.

    Go to the asus website:

    It really isn't that hard - it took about 20 seconds of googling.
  5. Yes this is like the first time I've ever had to do this my self normally it's been auto updated
    So I've downloaded this file ( un-zipped it and I get this file CrosshairV-Formula-ASUS-1703.ROM
    Do I need to install it or is it already installed,
    What do I have to do next?
    Or nothing and just put the new CPU in and it should work ?

    Main thing is don't do it when you expect the power to go out possibly. Cutting the power in the middle could brick your board.
  7. Worked thanks, Lost this page and would have returned to say all went well sooner

    I was running for about 2 weeks with my CPU water cooling til just today where I think service pack 1 for window's 7 updates crashed my bios and reset everything, My new CPU was in at the time and I needed to install the bios updates again, The system then would not start up,

    So my fix was remove a few programs, Remove the CPU cooler, put my new CPU back in, and everything worked, I think I'll wait til I get the updated motherboard in the CrossHair V formula maybe "CrossHair V formula Z" or if there's another one coming out within the next 8 months latest that will support water cooler's with only a 3 pin plug,

    Also every time I would go into the bios nothing was the same as what I had set it at and it was saved just to clear things up,
    On reboot it would also not say over clocking failed but in the bios it would show that it was a fail
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