USB Unknown device error even after fresh OS installation

Hi frnds, i am having a huge problem with USBs . When ever i connect pendrive or external hard disk i get a message usb not recognized and its shows unknown device in Device manager under usb host controllers.
My usb mouse stopped working and for every restart my internet cable shows disconnected , i need to pull the plug out of the port then again insert it shows connect.

But i can see power coming from ports and my mobile with sdcard is successfully connecting and i can make data transfer.

Even Sandisk pendrive is getting connected but some pendrives and segate external disk is not connecting. I did fresh OS installation XP and even tried on Windows 7 but same problem. I did BIOS update also but even after that it tries to find drivers and shows unknown device.

What to do frnds im in deep trouble please hlep me how can i get rid of this error.
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  1. Hi,
    It might be an USB controller issue. You can install a PCI USB controller. Something like:
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