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CPU cooler for Micro ATX Form Factor

Last response: in CPUs
May 7, 2013 3:33:50 AM

Hey guys,

Here is my current rig:

A6-5400k Processor with integrated AMD Radeon HD 7540D
F2A55M-DS2 Motherboard
HD 6670 Graphics Card (override the use of 7540D)
500w PSU
8gb Ram
1terrobyte HDD.
Templar Case (Micro ATX form factor)


Intel i5 - 3570k
ASRock Extreme 4 m-ATX motherboard
AMD radeon graphics card (high end) haven't decided yet.
600W Corsair Builder
8gb ram,
1terrobyte HDD,
Templar Case (Micro Atx Form Factor).

Now, my question is, I need a CPU cooler for the i5 - 3570k as I will be overclocking it. As my case is a Templar Case in a Micro ATX form factor, what cpu cooler will fit? Here is the dimensions of the case:
183mm x 365mm x 430mm

Of course, my new upgraded motherboard will also be micro atx. I need a decent CPU cooler, i am willing to pay around £50 - £100 as it is rather important for the i5 - 3570k overclocking.

Thanks, Dalef11.