PC crashes while playing games

My PC has been crashing since a while now. I ran a GPU test with FurMark and I saw temperatures soaring upto 82° before shutting down. Now I'm about check the psu with HWMonitor. Please tell me all the hardware I'll have to replace.
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  1. Which graphics card do you have?
  2. ATI Radeon HD 6850 1024 Mb GDDR5
  3. 82C is not high enough to crash your system, there must be some other problem, like faulty psu, improper ram settings, any unstable overclock.
    Have you changed any settings recently?
  4. Those are normal temps for a 6850, and actually not soaring for an older graphics card like that.

    What does the computer do before crashing? BSOD / blank screen / windows crashing...?
  5. Windows Crashes
  6. Did you install any program? Try updating the gpu driver.
  7. I'm not what you mean by gpu driver. Catalyst Control Center?
    I'm getting this problem with only a few games. Dishonored works but Dead Island Riptide doesn't :/
  8. Yes I mean catalyst control center. If you have problem with only a few games then there might be no problem with your card at all. Also AMD frequently releases application settings/profiles (or something similar) that is required to run a specific game.
    You should consult websites like these for specific game errors
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