Asus M5A99X CPU_Led (flickers) red, no Boot/Post/Beep

the Hardware is 9 month old and was running well since now.
Before one day the PC suddenly shuts down - the complete house had no power - the main fuse reacted and i don't know if it was my PC.
So after this the PC started after the third attempt normally - one day later the PC shuts down again while loading a non specific simple website, so i don't think this was the reason.

hardware facts:
mb: asus m5a99x evo
cpu: amd fx 6100
cooler: arctic cooling freezer A30
ram: 8gb kit g.skill10667 cl9
--- older components
gfx: radeon hd 6850
power: bequiet BQT E5-400w (7 years old, measured: 130-270 watts at the outlet)

-when i try to start the pc the fans start to spin but the board shows the CPU_led as red so it first seems to be a problem of the cpu, but the led is not constantly red - it is flickering and while it is flickering the cpu fan speed differs
- the cpu is really cool, no heat or smell at first time so i dont think it burned to death
- the pc started one time but shut down at the win-boot-logo - i think i pressed del to early and couldn't reach the bios
- i also realised that the graphic cards fan doesn't start always
- all fans including the one of the power supply change their speed
- the pc can not be shut down with the main power button while holding it longer than 5 seconds
- and there are no error bios beeps
- i'm always grounded while handling with my inner-pc-components
- i know that this asus board has an intelligent protection system to prevent cpu-overheating

it seems as if the cpu is waiting for a constant fan speed of the cpu-fan to be secure to heat up, and the bios can continue to check the rest of the hardware, so far my idea

So my question, with this background knowledge, could it be that the power supply is the most likely reason for this problem?

i hope (my ger-english is understandable @.@) and there is somebody who can figure out what illness my pc has


p.s. i have no other power supply to try, i have to buy a new one if it is the problem or have to use my cpu-guaranty
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    dead psu. that psu is too small/old and crappy for your system. you blew it up, hopefully you didn't damage anything when it went.
  2. Agreed, Power Supply
  3. thanks for the fast answers, i hope so too for my other components
    i will buy this new psu:
    - bequiet StraightPower E9 480w

    i think this will have enough power? (no overclocking, no 2 gfx-cards, and the future brings hopefully powersaving components^^')

    i used the psu calculator on the bequiet website:
    the other components in the pc are two sata harddrives and a dvd-rw, maybe in future a third sata
  4. there is enough power there... but go with Corsair, Antec or Seasonic for your PSU

    something like this.
  5. is it an ask in faith?
    i know hardwaremanufacturing can change and so the quality, but 7 years were a long time for one component, they give 3 years warranty

    which one do u mean? at the end of the link a number is missed? N82E1681713902?
    this happens:

    i only know it is a corsair psu
    cablemanagment is a requirement, and also the minimum 80+gold certification, i will get the bq for 63euro also a deciding fact
    i see that seasonic gets really good reviews

    i'm sorry it's a german/austrian site but is used this to get some results for my search:
    whoa the links are really corrupted link

    haha i see here on tomshardware is a thread with only these brands u named up there^^

    thanks anyway for your help

    so 3 days were gone and the new psu arrived: pc works as smooth as before, no other damaged hardware
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