Computer Won't Start Up (First time building a PC)

This is my first time building a computer and I made sure to research a lot before attempting to do the build. So I put everything in, pretty sure correctly too, and absolutely nothing happens. No LEDS, no monitor output, nothing.

Specs of the build are:
MSI FM2-A55M-E33
Kingston 4GB 1333MHz (KVR13N9S8/4)
WD Blue 1 TB (WD10EZEX)
Cooler Master 500W (RS500-PCARD3-US)
NZXT Source 210
I'm using the integrated graphics chip on the A10 so there is no discrete graphics card.

I read some troubleshooting threads on here. I've tried:

-Testing the Power Supply with a Paper clip (Fans worked, so presumably that's working)
-Putting the RAM in a different slot (I accidentally ordered a 1x4 GB stick instead of 2 separate ones)
-Made sure all of the motherboard standoffs lined up with the motherboard, there were no extra ones that could have shorted out the motherboard
-I DID drop the CPU in wrong at first, but I didn't apply any pressure and the second time it just dropped in like how it is supposed to.
-20+4 Plugged in, 4 pin (my motherboard is 4 pin) CPU power is plugged in, front panel connections seemed to be plugged in correctly, according to the motherboard's manual, CPU fan plugged in, SATA plugged in, SATA power plugged in, etc.

What could I be doing wrong?
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    sounds like u did a good job troubleshooting.

    Now, check the simple things that are easy to miss.
    is the switch on the power supply flipped to the 1, instead of the 0?
    is the power button jumper on correctly?
  2. ittimjones said:

    is the switch on the power supply flipped to the 1, instead of the 0?
    is the power button jumper on correctly?

    Most common mistake for first time builders
  3. The switch seems fine. What is the power button jumper?
  4. Oh yeah, I also did a breadboard build. I touched the 2 power switch pins with a screwdriver. Nothing happened, but I did get shocked a little bit
  5. Try your tongue, its more conductive
  6. Maybe lol
  7. Any other ideas? Please?

    Any help is appreciated
  8. There are no LEDs. Does this mean my power supply is bad? I tested it with a paper clip already...
  9. UPDATE: Alright, so now the CPU and PSU fans are turning on after I unplugged the hard drive. I was thinking that it was put in wrong, since it wasn't mounted correctly.
  10. UPDATE: HDD is up and spinning.
  11. Still no LEDs though.
  12. Luke Smith said:
    Still no LEDs though.

    I know this is very late but have you found a solution? If so, could you let me know because I have the exact same problem and can't seem to figure out what's wrong. Thank you
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