I cannot clone a multi-boot hard disk to a larger one. SOLVED!

I'm trying to clone a 1TB hard disk (Western Digital) into a 2TB hard disk (Seagate Barracuda), both internal hard drives.
The 1TB disk is formatted in NTFS and has Windows 7 in the first partition of 300GB, a 300GB partition for data and a third partition with Windows 8 that I installed last.

I used CLONEZILLA bootable CD that I've downloaded recently. I cloned disk to disk clone (not partition to partition). Clonezilla asked me "Do you want to clone the boot loader (executable code area, the first 446 bytes) to...", I answered yes and the cloning started.

PROBLEM: After cloning, Windows 7 worked, but I couldn't start Windows 8. The partitions cloned to the big drive are the same as the source drive (so I have almost 1GB left). I tried and cloned again twice with the same result.
I also tried to repair the w8 install with the Install DVD and got a message "cannot be repaired".
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  1. since you have a WD drive you could use WD version of Acronis
  2. Great!, thanks Emerald, Acronis true image WD worked like a dream.
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